October 15, 2009

A little studio business....

Hello Everyone!

Here we are one-step closer to the Holidays....we don't want to alarm anyone but they are really just around the corner! As you can see above our incredible team of Tibetan jewelers are working up a storm with our wholesale orders for the Holiday period, we wish all our retailers both large & small have a very successful season, we also hope that we can bring you some great inexpensive gifts these Holidays both online & in the boutique. Stones & metals for this coming festive season include; malachite, bandit agate, pearl, onyx, gunmetal & gold vermeil....see above for a couple of boutique styles from the Holiday collection now in store, if either appeal do contact Kelly & she can help you out with purchasing or queries, 212 260 5298, wendyminkstore@gmail.com. It's always good to check that they haven't been sold before visiting....the necklace above is a stunner, Erin our wholesale queen has been wandering around the studio wearing this piece for a week now & we must say she looks great in it! it is a rough chunky cut bandit agate with lovely marbled surface, hand-beaded & featuring a vintage green glass pendant, beautiful statement piece! This is $245. The circle earrings below this are cute, square malachite beads with gold vermeil hoops, very sweet wearable earrings if you love a touch of green, these are $105, both styles available through the boutique!

As we have mentioned in the last week or so, our Cheap Chic group is soon to be changed! This has been one of our most successful groups ever online (& in the store!), excellent pricepoints for quality jewelry pretty much always works! So far we have used fairly summery tones, this season was all about light blue, turquoise, pale pink, white....for this next group we will be mixing it up for the colder temperatures, Wendy is designing a fabulous bunch of new styles in garnet, carnelian, orange cz, black cz, crystal, labradorite, green onyx.....& few more! We think you will love this new Cheap Chic, we will make sure to include classics such as the simple beaded hoops (that everyone seems to really love) plus a bunch of cute, charm necklaces & bracelets, perfect for gifting! Please make sure to purchase the current Cheap Chic while you can, we expect to do a switcheroo very early November. As well as designing this new Cheap Chic group, Wendy is also working on Spring '10, a little scary to be looking so far ahead but looks like fun so far with some great pink, purple, yellow & blue stones floating about the studio! If the magazines are anything to go by it's all bright colors & big, big, BIG next Spring, we like big!

Who doesn't love a ring! these are so new they are not yet in the boutique (but will be shortly!), gorgeous semi precious set rings handmade in India, featuring; lemon quartz, rose quartz & blue topaz....these are very beautiful pastel rings & the organic shape adds a unique quality. An added bonus is that they are sterling with a gold polish so perfect for allergy sufferers, a great quality ring! If you are interested in these rings definitely give Kelly a call to make sure they are in the store, they should be very soon, we would give you the price but they are so hot off the press we do not have one just yet!

We will leave you this week with some blog deals! We know how popular the 'shop samples' group is online & we do want to make this a feature every now & then, we just need some time to gather some great deals for you but in the meantime here is a couple to keep you busy! If you would like any of these styles please email our retail department on: retail@wendyminkjewelry.com, remember these are one-off's but if you are late to see them we will do our best to accommodate you!
1. This black beauty above is a mix of shiny gunmetal & silky, ruched ribbon, gorgeous! It's chic & very very easy to wear, piled on top of black it looks great, a bit of goth in your day! The piece measures 30" & usually retails for $320, this is a press sample so can be yours for $160, now that's a good half-off bargain....

2. Super long chain, this guy really is a long! 66" to be exact! shown doubled here & features shiny gunmetal & antique gold finish chain, wear it with all your chains for a very modern rocker look....this piece is usually $85, this press sample is just $60....be quick!

We recently had a slightly different key chain in the shop samples group and we sold it 5 times over, ladies love their keys! This one is great, a cluster of gun & gold keys on a chain measuring 36", would look great with our other blog styles this week! Usually $198, this press sample is just $85.....

Well that's about it, as always we hope you enjoy this coming weekend, just email with any queries & stay in touch....

Blog Mink

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