October 12, 2009

Boutique Happenings...


Hello there! It's officially Fall if the temperatures outside right now are anything to go by....this week we thought we would show our world wide web customers a few of the summery styles we still have in the boutique just in case anything appeals to you & you are perhaps lucky enough to be residing in a warmer part of the country than us...These styles above are not of course limited to summer & many would look quite wonderful with darker Fall outfits, for any of the styles shown in this blog post please email Brookes & Kelly at: wendyminkstore@gmail.com, or call on 212 260 5298, all summer baubles featured here are a whopping 30% off right now so definitely worth it, early Holiday gifts anyone? Featured materials include; coral agate, dark coral branch, citrine, gold vermeil, vintage resin & rubies.

Here are some more summer-y styles currently offered at 30% off, turquoise, citrine, mother-of-pearl, these are cute delicate styles, great gifts too! Email for queries or purchases straight to our boutique & the gals will take care of you! We do have some larger chunky turquoise pieces also, if you are a larger jewelry person then definitely contact the store also as we can send images of what we have at these discounted prices, it is helpful for you to be rather specific however as our store is rather full of styles!

Here are some great store pieces, not on sale but fabulous all the same! These new cut-outs are from Wendy's brand new collection & we can't keep them in the store long enough, we think they are so popular for a number of reasons! Gold & mixed metals are so wearable, non-season related & chunky enough to be noticeable without being too much....these earrings & pendants are also VERY well priced, hovering around $60 it's a great price for a personal treat or a gift. Some of the featured shapes include; birds & birdcages, flowers, bows & ornate hoops, please contact the store for a closer view or specific prices.

Fall has arrived also in our store windows, Kelly has placed a whole bunch of our recent vintage additions alongside some of the current mixed metals & it looks fabulous! As we have said before the vintage is so popular, it does make a great gift being one of a kind & there are a whole range of prices.....Above are 2 great pieces for the Holiday season, a layered beaded piece, you can not see it here but it has an amazing red rhinestone clasp! the pendant in this image is straight from the 70's, for this great costume piece the only thing you will need to complete the outfit is a caftan & martini in one hand!....call the store to enquiry about these pieces & to maybe view other vintage finds!

Lastly we bring you three cute store styles (these are not on sale) you might be interested in...a simple ruby drop on a delicate chain, such a simple piece & a huge ruby drop! below this is a handmade bird pendant, with hammered 22k matte gold vermeil, a piece for bird lovers....the lower piece here is a stunning beaded chain with hammered teardrops & a myriad of semi-precious drops including; ruby, smoky, labradorite, rhudilated quartz...this is rather gorgeous! Email for prices, lengths etc of the above to: wendyminkstore@gmail.com.

Well we hope you enjoy the styles in this week's post, stay in touch for more good deals this month & bear in mind styles online will be changing in a couple of week's or so, particularly the Cheap Chic so pop them in your cart while you can....

Till next week, The Mink Team.

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