June 9, 2009

Hello Pilgrim!

Ah June!
The month we wish would hurry up and usher in the heat of summer and banish the rain & wind...sadly that is not the case in NYC right now, if you have a garden it's great but if not, well it's a little too wet!
The focus around our studio right now is design, design & design! we have a FABULOUS new Cheap Chic line in the works which will be online towards the end of this month, the above images are a sneak peek at what materials will be on offer; cute new beaded hoop styles, cluster earrings, simple charm necklaces with semi-precious stones, beaded chunky necklaces, pearls and much more! If you are familiar with this range online you will also know that ALL retails for under $100 (plus some under $50) so it's pretty perfect for this economy that's for sure! The new range will also be in our retail store later this month (check back for exact dates) so any styles you see online can be viewed up close and personal if you prefer, though you may be tempted to pick up more than one bargain....

There seems to be a fair amount of brides-to-be around right now, we do a roaring trade in jewelry for wedding parties and are always open to designing custom pieces. Wendy herself is available for design appointments in our store (or remotely if you are outside NYC), to get started just email: wendyminkstore@gmail.com and we can set up a time to discuss your needs.....and if you are not a bride never fear we are happy to create custom pieces for you regardless if it's just one or 20!

Lastly for this week we would like to welcome our new neighbors on the Lower East Side!
Pilgrim is a very welcome addition to the block & fits right in with their eclectic bunch of goodies....there's a range of fabulous clothing in beautiful fabrics, superb vintage clothing and all sorts of other vintage goodies to keep you happily poking about, a stand out are the candles made especially for the Pilgrim men in Iowa, we hope our dear local customers drop by Pilgrim and enjoy their wares as much as we do, Orchard St just keeps getting better!

That's about it for this week, thank you to all our loyal ladies who are snapping up the sample Steals before we have had time to shoot more! Stay tuned on our site over the next week or 2 as we have an online sale coming up that you shouldn't miss.....plus the Waggy Tail event for you & your pooch, details in next week's blog!

Enjoy the rest of your week, the Wendy Mink Women.

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