June 17, 2009

Dogs + Jewelry, who knew!

Hello Everyone- Who is this little guy you ask? This is Teddy Hilton, he is a goldendoodle & is the new puppy of celebrity columnist Perez Hilton, we figured he was as good a representative as any for this week's details about our upcoming doggy event! As most of you know our boutique on the Lower East Side is part of a great neighborhood, many of our local customers visit the store with their dogs. One of our loyal ladies is Gillian, a member of a great organization called Waggy Tail. The fine people of this organization look after homeless dogs & try to find homes for them, if you are perhaps thinking of adopting (a dog) then do check out their website where you can view pics of needy dogs & find out a little information about each of them, warning- it's a little heartbreaking but what a great organization! On the 26th of June, (that's next Friday!), we will be holding a fundraising event for Waggy Tail. From 5-7.30 we will have sale tables, wine & many dogs with their owners for a fun evening of shopping, chatting & probably some barking....local celebrity Lisa Levy will be in house and at 7pm she will be auctioning off a few great pieces of Wendy Mink jewelry, all proceeds from the auction benefit Waggy tail & 10% of all sales that evening will also go straight to the organization. We hope you can make it if you are in NYC, if not bring your dog by our store on the 27th & 28th to receive the same 10% discount, if you don't own a dog, borrow one!

So here we have have some lovely beads, not a big deal you might think! but, these beads were given to Wendy by a very elderly sherpa in the mountains of Nepal over 24 years ago, all this time ago Wendy was working for the World Bank in Nepal and had trekked a whole day to a very remote village. Upon leaving she was given these beads by her barefoot sherpa, she has kept these ever since & treasures these interesting links to her jewelry past! it was in this area that Wendy developed her love of jewelry & her ties to the Tibetan community, still going very strong with our wonderful team of artisans here in NYC.

New Cheap Chic this week! Plenty of online changes coming over the next week, we have a brand new, very cute,
Cheap Chic collection for you both online & in the boutique, we will be keeping some favorites but there will be around 10 new styles added this week to the collection, check back after Thursday the 18th to view & maybe purchase! These styles make perfect gifts as there are choices for under, or close to, $50 which sure is a good price-point in these troubled financial times. Our online groups will also be undertaking a slight makeover, some of the styles currently in 'A Little Special' and 'Simple & Easy' will be changing so if you have coveted any of these styles you might want to pick them up now. If you are concerned your favorite piece might be disappearing then feel free to email us at: retail@wendyminkjewelry and we can easily answer your queries regarding specific pieces. Our 'Sample Steals' section online has become a real boomer, our ladies are sure loving the bargains, we hope to expand the one-off/few-off styles in this group over the next few weeks so there will always be some great pieces you have never seen before & maybe you will be the only one to ever own! We can't thank our loyal shoppers enough for their custom both online & in our boutique, it's been a tough year for all but we hope that soon everyone will feel some recovery!

Well that's about it for this week, if you are a dog owner (or even if you just love them) we would be very happy to see you on the 26th for our Waggy tail fundraiser, we hope you enjoy the new styles being added this week! This image above is from the postcard for the Matta Sample Sale from the 23rd to 25th June (website unavailable but call for details!), this store is one of Wendy's all time favorites; beautiful clothing, bags, summer sandals, homewares.....check it out!

The Ladies of Wendy Mink Jewelry.

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