May 19, 2012

Congrats, grads!

It is that time of year where we suddenly find we know lots of people graduating... whether it is from middle school, high school, college or grad school- it is a good time to stock up on some inexpensive but fabulous gifts for such occasions. 

Check out our "gifts under $100" selection online and in our store, and take a peak at some of our favorites below. Gift giving should always be this easy!
Turquoise disc earrings $73

Peruvian calcite nugget drop earrings $72
Sea glass stretch bracelet $73
Striped orange neon earrings $65
Peridot eternity necklace $68
Turquoise Disc cluster necklace $98
Lapis agate and turquoise disc stretch bracelet $98
Lime green neon hoops $75
Heart gold nugget earrings $98
Circle nugget earrings $98
Gold nugget diamond earrings $73
Gold nugget rectangle earrings $80
Filigree coral earrings $98
Tanzanite drop earrings $72
Citrine Nugget Necklace $72
Amethyst nugget necklace $72
Amethyst 4 stone necklace $55
Turquoise and Lapis earrings $73

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