April 24, 2012

Big & Bright

In honor of the sunny skies we have had in NYC lately, we added some brighter than bright bold statement pieces to our boutique windows. We went for colorful, chunky pieces that would be perfect to match neon craze and the oh-so-close start to summer. We are loving the neon resin pieces in Wendy's line, especially when mixed with multi colored crocheted balls from Peru! And our white-hot vintage baubles were the perfect contrast to our new brights. We love how it almost looks like a neon white! 

Aside from the gorgeous jewels, the best part about these windows are the fun tape designs done by the gals in the store- with the help of some gorgeous and playful tape from a shop called Tophat, just around the corner from our boutique. Just like the tape jazzes up some ordinary white tables, the jewelry in the window would be perfect to spruce up a white dress or jeans and sandals in the summer- don't you think so?

For questions on any of the above pieces, please call 212-260-5298 or email store@wendyminkjewelry.com

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous! The orange and pink necklace and the white tassel are my favorites. Oh, how I wish I lived in NYC, so I could stop by!