March 9, 2012

SSSsssssomething trending...

We are counting down the hours until the weekend! To get your mind off these final long hours of work today, we have some gorgeous pieces of jewelry for you to check out!

We love animal jewelry over here, the more birds, turtles and frogs- the better! But for some reason it is the snake pieces we really drool over- maybe it is our inner egyptian cleopatra calling, but we love how snake jewelry manages to look fun and sultry all at once. It also seems history repeats itself. In the Victorian era, snakes symbolized eternity, vitality, and life. This is quite a different than the serpent tempting Eve! Though snakes may be represented as slithering, slimy, and deceitful by today's standards- if you romanticize the meaning behind jewelry symbolism or the history of an animals representation in jewelry- this trend is definitely for you! We have a growing collection of vintage snake pieces in the store in addition to some new pieces in our Wendy Mink Jewelry Spring 2012 line.

Take a look below, lookssssssss tempting doesn't it?

Filigree Snake Earrings
Filigree Snake Cuff
Wood and turquoise chip necklace with filigree snake pendant
Vintage green glass serpent pendant
Vintage sterling silver snake bracelet with red glass eyes
Snake filigree earrings

For questions on any of the above styles, please call 212-260-5298 or email

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