December 17, 2011

Gift Guide!

The WMJ Gift guide is here! It is that time where everyone's gift buying should be getting wrapped up (literally!)- but if you are still stumped on what to get some of the wonderful women in your life- look no further! Check out our gift guide below for what we suggest for some of the ladies you may be shopping for.


Always able to make you feel better and your biggest cheerleader, show your mom how fabulous you still think she is with these beautiful earrings. The whole earring is only 1.5", so it is comfortable and light to wear. The amethyst and green mystic stones are a beautiful combination she may have never thought of for herself but you know will look great on her.

You know these colors will look amazing on her, and with her busy life something easy to match everything without having to think about it is all she could ask for. This mixed tourmaline necklace is stunning and will go with every outfit. The wire wrapped detailing looks beautiful on this teardrop shape- which also happens to be universally flattering on everyone. She will thank you a million times over!

Best Friend
Your most reliable partner in crime who is always a shoulder to cry or laugh on with a bottle of wine in hand. You know she has a big New Years Eve date coming up- and these funky statement hoops with raw pyrite will make any snazzy New years outfit complete. Just the right amount of edge, but neutral enough to wear time and time again.


Simple, delicate, and easy to wear every day. These wire wrapped gold nugget teardrops reflect a beautiful golden shimmer, but at 1.25" long are small and light enough to wear all day long. The gold tone will match everything, and there is no doubt these beauties will get worn every day and get you instant approval. And seeing your mother in law wear your gift everyday- what is better than that?

For your younger niece, the perfect simple and small earring to start off her soon to be growing jewelry box! These earrings will be wearable throughout her life, and for now will add the perfect touch to every birthday party, bat mitzvah, and school dance outfit she has! These earrings come in many colors, and are shown below in Amethyst.

Babysitter, dog walker, pet sitter
This person might feed your cat when you're on vacation, walk your dog while at work, babysit or nanny for you, the list could go on of who this life helper does for you. Show how much you appreciate their help and how what they do makes each day a little bit easier, with the gift of a good hoop! This style looks great on everyone, and the small size could be worn everyday. The flower beading gives just a little spin on the gold hoop classic. Also available in solid stones and ombre colors.

This might be your assistant at work- your secretary, phone answerer, coffee grabber, who could perhaps use a little something to let them know they are doing a good job and you appreciate their hard work. These 4 stone necklaces come in a multitude of colors at a price that won't hurt the bank. shown below in Blue Topaz.


This is the time of year to treat yourself after you wrapped up all of your gift-giving for others!
That ring you try on every time in our store, or that one you spotted online but decided to wait on because you had other presents to get for others first, now is the time to gift yourself a little something! The ring below, as seen in Health magazine December 2011, has a cut out design bezel with a beautiful amethyst stone in the center.

For questions on any of the above items please call 212-260-5298 or email

Want to know what everyone at WMJ wants this holiday season? Check in next week to find out!

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