November 10, 2011

Ch-ch-ch-ch- changes!

Hello! Many of you may have noticed we have some changes going on around these parts...
Our blog has undergone a mini makeover. We moved some things around and changed some formatting to make your blog browsing easier...

and our website has undergone some format changes as well! Our goal was to make it a bit more user friendly- what do you guys think?

And we have some other exciting changes coming up in the store AND online just in time for the holidays...

Gifts under $100 & SALE!

During this time period where we figure out the final tweaks behind our awesome, make-your-life-easier, oh-my-god-this-would-be-perfect-for-so and so GIFTS UNDER $100 & SALE sections, we appreciate your patience while you bare with us. If you are a member, you will notice our sale page will be very similar to the members page you have come to love. It's ok. We know this is scary. Just think- minus the password, and now open to your friends as well, this will make it that much easier for you to browse sale inventory online. Thanks for taking deep breaths with us as we go through these exciting changes. Trust us it will be worth it!


  1. I was browsing the site this morning looking for things to add to my Christmas list and I was thinking how easy it was to navigate. I love the redesign!

  2. I agree! Easier to navigate, to find what I'm looking for and it looks so "clean" and "fresh." Great job!