June 23, 2011

a historical wander through weddings....

It's feeling a little bridal around these parts right now with our own group online plus a very cool collaboration launching later this summer, we shall reveal more as soon as we can! Weddings are so great these days, all kinds of wonderful opportunities for the the non-traditional. We couldn't resist searching the internet for some weddings through the ages, the great thing is we have some wonderful vintage jewelry in the store right now to match these beautiful eras of clothing and jewelry!

Let's start with this fabulous Edwardian wedding photo, look at those hats and bouquets! hard to see here but the bride is wearing a very similar necklace to these 2 below, jewelry had a 'masculine' feel at that time and could be quite chunky, big dresses and big old jewelry! These 2 necklaces are so great, statement pieces that would look great layered with other silver and gold chains or just a stand alone talking point! if you are interested in any of jewelry shown here do contact Megan in the boutique.

Next up is this wonderful flapper bride, the 20's was a fabulous era of jewelry and the slender organic forms of this period can definitely be seen in these three beautiful pieces we have right now in the store, tiny pearls and rhinestones....intricate stones....

We love this pic below of a 1940's wedding, in particular the striking lady next to the bride wearing an eye patch! the furs...the hats....it's just lovely isn't it?

Let's take a leap the 1950's here's Audrey looking superb (when didn't she?) That waist is so very tiny....we think 1950's weddings must have all been about the pearls and rhinestones so popular in that era. Below is a necklace you may have seen before, a one off floral extravaganza made from a series of 1950's floral pins, you can also make bouquets from these which look pretty fabulous!

Look who it is! the quintessential 1960's bride....Priscilla....it's 1967 and hair was big, hems short! Jewelry was going through an especially bauble-y period and we have some great costume pieces in the store, wonder if Priscilla would have accessorized with something like our white and gold tassel chain below on her honeymoon...

here's a couple more bridal through the 1970's and 80's images just to make you remember the good old days.....the dress Diana wore just seems so enormous now doesn't it!? we hope you will check out our new bridal section online, they are certainly very wearable styles and need not be relegated to a wedding! Remember we also do great custom work so what works for you is fine by us!

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  1. My good friend just got married last weekend and she made her own bouquet out of silk flowers and antique/vintage brooches. It was absolutely stunning!! (as was she!)