January 11, 2011

Vintage Blog Auction

1. White Resin Beads: 23", 50s-60s costume necklace.
Starting Bid: $30

Hello there!

Well if you like a little vintage you maybe noticed we removed it from the website, we apologize to our customers who enjoyed it, it became difficult to maintain with all the fun changes we have coming up this year so we decided to keep it boutique-only, if you love the vintage we highly recommend you email Cerena on store@wendyminkjewelry.com, she will be including plenty of vintage in her new boutique-based emails so you will see all the new goodies and can always request specific images.

This week we are re-merchandising in the store and making room for some lovely new vintage pieces, so, we decided to have a little blog auction of some great vintage pieces currently residing here, take a look at the starting bid and then place you bid in the comments below, please remember to leave us your email address and remember to check in again to see if you have been outbid! Please note that the HIGHEST amount entered below will be the amount owed for the piece. Hope you enjoy these fine pieces and happy bidding!

p.s. for queries regarding the pieces please email Cerena in the store, note that the bids close on Tuesday the 18th, we will contact the 'winners' shortly after!

WMJ ladies.

2. Nautical Pendant: 18.5" + 1.5" Pendant, '50s costume piece.
Starting bid: $26

3. Gold Graphic Pendant: 15" + 1" Pendant, 70s chain.
Starting Bid $20

4. Silver Lily Pad Necklace: 18.5", unknown origins, maybe 60s-70s.
Starting Bid: $40

5. Gold Tassel Pendant: 22.5" chain + 6.5" Tassel Length, 60s costume fabulous!
Starting Bid $30

6.Turquoise Oval Pendant & Sterling Silver Chain: 25" + 2.8" Pendant Length, 70s layering chain.
Starting Bid $48

7. Silver Indian Necklace: 20", 70s ethnic inspired.
Starting Bid $40

8. Egyptian Scarab Necklace: 26.5" + 5" Scarab & Dangles, 60s Egyptian revival.
Starting Bid $50

9. Floral Resin Necklace: 18.5", unknown origins, maybe 70s, bright and lovely!
(we can add extender chain for extra length)
Starting Bid $25

11. Champagne Necklace: 21.5" &2.5" extender + 2" Tassel 50s-60s costume glitz!
Starting Bid $30

12. Pearl tassel Necklace: 26" Chain + 3.5" Tassel, 50s-60s instant glamor...
Starting Bid $35

13. Amber Beads: $28", 70s chunky statement beads.
Starting Bid $30

14. Fruit Beads: 39", maybe 60s-70s, unknown origin, very fun necklace!
Starting Bid: $18

15. Pharaoh Pendant: 30" Chain + 3" Pendant, 60s Egyptian moment...
Starting Bid $28

15. Turquoise Ribbon Necklace: 31" Ribbon + 2" Pendant, 60s-70s pendant era....
Starting Bid: $30

16. Pearl Layers: 21" + 2.5" Extender Chain, 50s-60s chunky statement layers.
Starting Bid $30

17. Copper Enamel Pendant: 18.5" Chain +1.8" Pendant, 60s copper craze.
Starting Bid $38

18. Enamel Mexican Charm Bracelet: 8", 60s-70s charmed era...
Starting Bid $140

19. Multi Layer Beads: 19" + 3" Extender, 60s-70s layers...
Starting Bid $60


  1. #2, Nautical Pendant, $26

    #4, Silver Lily Pad Necklace, $40

    monicabenson at gmail.com

    Thanks! Monica

  2. at what time on the 18th does the auction close?

  3. The auction will end at 2pm(est) on Tuesday, 18th. Good luck!!!

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  5. I absolutely love the Tourquoise Ribbon necklace and the Pearl layered necklace. I can't bid at the moment but good luck to all who have. If you'd like to see some new styled pearl jewelry please visit www.irishheart.com

  6. 16. Pearl layers $ 35


  7. Gail's email (for lilypad necklace):gstern1969@aol.com

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