January 26, 2011

More Victorian Beauties!


What another snowy week we have here in NYC. Perfect to bring you more Victorian goodies from the store though....this week we bring you some pieces which fall into a more 'affordable'
price range, (some are under $100!) that's a great price for such one-of-a-kind (very OLD) stunners, if any are of interest to you in this post please feel free to drop Cerena line on: store@wendyminkjewelry.com, she can help with measurements etc and it's super easy for us to ship (same day) from the store!

First up above we have a simply fabulous Mosaic Heart pendant ($80), look at that detail, teeny flowers and leaves, perfect for a Valentine too. Many of these mosaic pieces were Italian made and in the later 20th century these pieces were brought back to life in a revival period, they never quite seem the same though and these originals are just so detailed.

Next up is a personal favorite. A tiny padlock ($180) with a key attached to chain, isn't this the most precious thing you ever saw! It's a rosey gold finish like many Victorian lockets and features detailed engraving and and secure lobster clasps, so sweet! To be honest we are not sure how we still have this piece in the store.

Another adorable pendant, this time a 'rolling' faceted glass 'crystal' ball ($120) on a rose gold frame, this bead rolls around as if it was just made yesterday! such an unusual piece and would also look wonderful as a charm on a longer necklace, remember we can always 're-work' these pieces; place them on longer chains, mix them up etc, to make them even more personal!

This golden heart ($85) is slightly more traditional than the unusual pieces we have shown, it's a wonderful embossed design and a fairly sizeable piece. It opens so there's room for a picture and another piece that's perfect for a Valentine's gift, or not, really who needs Valentines to wear hearts! Another good layering chain and one that would look great mixed with other interesting charms, build your own perhaps?

Sigh. Just look at this bracelet, isn't it beautiful? would brighten up any outfit. This bracelet ($298) is a wonderful example of Victorian mosaic design, linked brass discs in small and large sizes each featuring a detailed floral design, so much work in this one piece. We have had some similar 'revival' bracelets in the store which were very popular but we think this one takes the 'mosaic prize'!

Riding lesson anyone? Stunning mother-of-pearl and rose gold pendant featuring a little 'whip' ($95), this piece does have a small crack at the tip of the shoe, otherwise a great piece and perfect for an animal lover or just a symbol of good luck. We especially like how the the chain was attached (by us) on each side, sits very well!

We will leave you the 'Grande Dame' of pins ($330- said it was grand!). A stunning hand-painted floral ceramic, trimmed with gold and black and of a huge size! This pin is not for the faint-hearted, it's for a lady who loves a statement, this piece truly is a WMJ favorite, it feels beautifully smooth and has a weight to it which screams 'substantial!'

We hope you enjoy these Victorian beauties, each with their own tiny details and adaptability to today's accessory fashions, please feel free to contact the store and we'd love to hear what you think of these pieces below, each month we will choose a blog reader to receive a wonderful piece of WMJ jewelry, feedback is so valuable and we appreciate it! enjoy the rest of you week and we hope it is not too freezing wherever you may be!

WMJ Ladies.

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  1. These look like they could have come straight from my grandmother's jewelry box! Great pieces!