December 30, 2010

Winter Wonderland....?

Well, unless trapped in a snow cave yourself you will definitely be aware we had a big old blizzard here in NYC and beyond. Wow did we see some white stuff! Unfortunately (as is always the case here in the city) it is now great piles of GREY stuff. Everywhere. Huge slushy puddles surround the gutters and sidewalks like moats and often you have to walk a block just to be able to cross.

However, we did have a white Christmas and that sure was pretty. For the New Year weekend we would love your comments below (with a little sweetener if you are obliged!). With each new year we like to freshen up our website and boutique. With the recession, increased online shopping and developing trends we always see potential for change and we'd love to hear what you think. Here's a small list of things we would LOVE your feedback on, please leave us your email address with the comment and you may be in to win this beautiful winter white pair of Pearl Clusters (pictured at the very top).

*do you prefer to shop by: style, e.g. clusters, drops or do you prefer to shop in groups; i.e. earrings, necklaces, bracelets etc, or maybe even by price?
* how often do you check our site for new pieces?
*do you like to be emailed often or just once, twice a month as a subscriber?
*would you prefer our classic mink section to be larger so many past collections are viewable or do you prefer what is new?
*how often do you drop by the store in NY if you live here?
*feel free to leave us any other comments!

We look forward to bringing you some great new features in 2011, thank you for supporting us through this year and remember to leave us your email address in your comments below!

WMJ signing out for 2010!


p.s. Thank you SELF magazine for this great necklace shot in the January '11 issue, we could do with the summery temperature too....


  1. Fabulous wintery and Christmas shots! Happy New Year to you!

    <3 Ashley

  2. Well, you already know that I'm in love with all of your jewelry, but I would say that I love the way the website is set up now, by category and fine/semi-precious, and of course the SAMPLE SALES are my favorite! I love your giveaways, too!!!
    valhoff 3 at yahoo dot com

  3. I like to shop by style.. I like being able to find specific styles right away, rather than looking through a lot of things. However, that is only when I am on the 'hunt' for something.

    greenvolcomlion at yahoo dot com

  4. I shop most jewelry sites by item type (i.e. earrings, necklaces, etc.) or by View All. I like to have a View All option and just scroll. I would also love larger sized options for rings and even bracelets. I have wide knuckles so often bangles can't get over my hands to my writsts:( And with large band-type rings I wear a 9. Or just make adjustable rings! Also, I live out-of-state so I make sure I get to the store whenever I'm visiting NYC, which isn't often enough, but you all have so much in store that's not online. I would love to see more of the pieces online too for those of us who don't live in the city. Congrats on a great year and keep up the good work. Love your stuff!

  5. I prefer to shop by product type. Faster way to see all you have. I would love for you to bring back the vintage section. I am a vintage girl and have missed it. I usually like to be emailed once from stores, but WMJ can send me as many as you like. I love your stuff and visit each week for new additions to the site.

    Keep upnthe fab work and look forward to seeing new styles in the new year.

    J.P. Archie

  6. I prefer to shop by group (earrings, necklaces, etc.). I find that with the current web site, with each group of pieces split up under different categories, that I'm going back and forth trying to compare until I narrow it down to what I want to purchase. I like being e-mailed 1x/week with info about the mid-week special (hope you continue that). If there's no special news then I'd like to be contacted 1-2x/month. Yes, I would like the Classic Mink section to be bigger (in addition to having new styles shown). When I lived in NYC I dropped by often and have a jewelry box that reflects that. Wendy's store is one of the things I miss most about leaving NYC. Actually, if I had enough advance notice I'd plan a trip to NYC around her sample sales. I love that you have online versions! But I do miss the real thing.

    Keep up the great work and best wishes for a happy and prosperous new year!

  7. I forgot to add my e-mail address: Thanks.

  8. Thanks ladies for all the helpful comments so far, stay posted on how you can sign up for our NYC Store Mailing List. It will give you access to events, sales and vintage news exclusive to the WMJ Boutique!

  9. I prefer to shop for jewelery in groups (earrings, necklaces, rings, etc.) I check the website every week for new pieces.

    I love seeing new and old Wendy Mink styles. It would be fantastic if the Classic Mink section was expanded. Emails twice a week are fine. I love hearing from your guys.

    Thanks and happy new year!


  10. I prefer to shop in groups, it's much easier to compare.
    I check every time I get a new email and I like all your emails no matter how many...

    Would absolutely LOVE! to have access to past collections especially every earring that has ever been produced...

    I drop by the store every time I am in NYC

    I would love an enlarge or zoom option on the pics and maybe an inch scale on the side to get a good idea of the length of the earrings and a better description if earrings are two or three dimensional

    I absolutely love your willingness to customize any style and for all the help I have been getting

    thank you so much

  11. WMJ! You know you guys have a sweet spot in my heart. :) It's freezing here too! ha ha, well, it is in my office. Outside is warm and muggy. UGH!

    I love your webshop. And I prefer shopping in "groups". I like when like things are grouped together. :) I check the site everyweek and if I lived there (which would be AMAZING!) I'd probably stop by the store every week too. A couple emails a month is fab and the Classic Mink section would be awesome if it were a little bigger with past collections included.

    Wishing you the best 2011 has to offer! I'm sooo ready.. and don't forget to wear red panties (they'll bring you luck in love!), eat 12 grapes and make a wish on eat one, and jingle some coins in your pockets. Yup, quirky supersitions, but I'm trying them this year. Love ya guyz!

    xx Love & Aloha

  12. I prefer to shop by groups. I check the site about every week or so and after every new email. Love your jewelry, email me anytime you want, especially look forward to news of sample sales!

    Would probably drop by the same amount if I lived in NY, definitely would be one of the first shops to visit if I travel there.

    I would absolutely love a bigger classic mink section of new and past collections.

    Thanks + Happy New Year!!

  13. Good luck digging out of the mess! At least it was pretty for a little while!

    My input:
    I prefer to shop by groups. And price.

    I check in about once a month or so. But the blog (and other gals' blogs) are a good reminder to check in and see what's new.

    I think an e-mail once or twice a month is perfect. No more than 2x. (And add me, please! jessicahamm at gmail dot com)

    I'd prefer to see all that's available. Not just the newest items. Because then when I go back to find something, it's missing. (I've also noticed that links to an item sometimes change and I need to update product links on the blog.)

  14. i don't want to have to flip through multiple pages (latest, bridal, classic mink) to see all of the options. its too many categories and pages. if you need to have all of these options, there should also be a page where you can see every item. thanks.

  15. I like to shop by product type, earrings, ringss etc and a view all feature would be awesome! more items in classic mink section would be great, especially for those of us who live far away from the store. as for the emails, 2x a month is good.

  16. Hi WMJ,

    I see your website as a huge jewelry box of contrasts...I am amazed that a single designer can create a delicate drop necklace and a chunky chain bracelet with equal skill and appeal. At the moment, I find the current groupings (the latest, bridal, classic mink) to be quite confusing, and I am sure that a new visitor to the site would feel the same; for example, I see little difference in the necklaces and bracelets listed between the bridal semi-precious and the classic mink. One wouldn't know what to expect. Considering how versatile jewelry styles have become nowadays, in terms of outfit and occasion pairing , the "bridal" category also sounds a bit deceiving. Would it be possible to replace the current tabs with new groupings? Shop by stone color, or possibly stone names? Jewelry style? Sort the jewelry into three tabs (necklaces, bracelets, and rings) and show sub-categories once a customer rolls over each tab (gold cut-out earrings, wire-wrapped bead hoops, dangle clusters?)

    Also, if there ever was a WM signature, the "Empress" collection immediately comes to mind. It deserves its own stand-alone tab as all the stone/ color juxtapositions in the pieces are, at once, fluid and stunning. Vintage should be kept separate as well.

    Emails twice a month are perfect. I check the blog almost everyday, so maybe more frequent postings please? And I have not missed a sample sale yet, ever since discovering the company three years ago:)

  17. Style groupings are the most practical.

    I check the site about 3-4 times a week, always visiting the members section first. Shopping online is more convenient for me, so it would be great if WMJ could add more selections to the site.

    I will read and enjoy however many emails WMJ sends out every month. For some reason, I find the emails refreshing, unlike the ones generated by larger departments stores (bloomingdales, saks, etc.)

    Referring to item descriptions, I find some size specifications to be somewhat vague (for example, how much larger are the blue african hoops from the smaller ones?) I like that all necklace lengths are clearly stated, but perhaps the same could be done for earrings?

    I have also noticed "you may like" sections appearing next to the piece of jewelry I have chosen to view. However, the jewelry in these sections are not always complementary in style and/ or type and frequently, only one additional selection is provided. Is there any way more selections (3 seems like a decent number) can be shown? If I am viewing a ring, for example, it would be helpful if a similar necklace and pair of earrings are displayed on the side.


    Lauren Anderson

  18. email: