December 13, 2010

Holiday Auction and giveaway!

Hello- we can't believe it's holiday season again, thanks so much to everyone who turned out in the cold for our sample sale, it was busy and quite a lot of fun! We have a winner for the fabulous set of Foxy and Winston cards, congratulations Pam! we will be in touch via email for your details. This week we bring you an auction AND a giveaway!

Above is a gorgeous carnelian and gold chain, we will select a lucky blog follower to win this necklace from the comments below, to enter all you need to do is bid on any of the items in the auction below, GOOD LUCK and read on for the auction rules...

This October our Breast Cancer Awareness auction was a great success so this week we bring you a very fun holiday auction with a few very popular styles! same rules as last time just add your bid in the comments and make sure to put your email address so that we may contact the winner, bids in $4 increments suggested and appreciated but not compulsory. You may need to check in again before the auction ends (this Friday 2pm est) as if you are outbid you will need to place another. The highest bid will be named the 'winner' and we will contact you for shipping, please note a flat rate of $7 applies.

Happy bidding and happy holidays!

1. Turquoise & Ruby Clusters, usually $98, measuring 2".
Starting bid: $44

2. Hammered Cuff: usually $170, 2.5" in width.
Starting bid: $50

3. Texan Empress: usually $798, measures 20".
Starting bid: $350

4. Amethyst Rhudilated Drops: measuring 2", usually $68
Starting bid: $22

5. Coral Diamond Chandeliers: usually $220, measures 2.5".
Starting bid: $60

6. Hammered Flower Hoops, usually $98, 2" in diameter.
Starting bid: $26

7. Rose or Prehnite Cocktail Rings in size 7 only, usually $198
Please specify color choice.
Starting bid: $74

8. Lava Bracelet: usually $115, measures 7".
Starting Bid: $42

9. Mother of Pearl Clusters: usually $115, measuring 2".
Starting Bid: $50

10. Organic Drops: usually $60, measuring 2.5".
Starting Bid $20

12. Cut Out Hoops: usually $60, measuring 2".
Starting Bid: $24

13. Chocolate and Pink Chain: usually $310, measures 22" to base of tassels
Starting bid: $80.

14. Agate Gold Drops: usually $44, just under 2".
Starting bid: $20

15. Beaded Peacock Chain: usually $198, 20" to base.
Starting Bid: $54

16. Crystal Gunmetal Chain: usually $148, measures 28".
Starting bid $46

17. Purple Lava Necklace: usually $150, measures 28".
Starting Bid: $60

18. African Carnelian necklace: usually $125, measures 28".
Starting bid: $50

Remember to leave us your email address and check in before Friday the 17th 2pm est when the auction closes as you may be outbid!

WMJ ladies.


    $30 for the Hammered Flower Hoops

    $50 for the Turquoise & Ruby Clusters

  3. nbsteinberg at gmail dot com
    $25 for the Agate Gold Drops. :)

  4. Coral Diamond Chandeliers:$50

    and Rose or Prehnite Cocktail Rings in size 7 $80

  5. Agate Gold Drops $35.00

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  7. peacock chain, 58.00

  8. jada.hamilton at gmail dot com

    Organic Drops, $24

  9. $24 for the Amethyst rhudilated drops, if you'll ship to the UK? Gorgeous jewellery.

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  11. ant.marrero at
    $36 for the Hammered Flower Hoops

  12. $50 for the mother of pearl cluster earrings!
    (I can't wait to wear these at my wedding!!!!)

  13. peacock chain, 62.00

  14. #18. Carnelian Necklace $65

  15. $38 for the hammered flower hoops

  16. ant.marrero [at]
    $42 for the Hammered Flower Hoops

  17. $38 for the agate gold drops
    nbsteinberg at gmail dot com

  18. $64 for the Coral Diamond Chandeliers

  19. peacock chain, 64.00

  20. #12 cut out hoops, $24

  21. Peacock Chain - $66
    fingers crossed!

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