September 23, 2010

Hello Pearl!

Hello there-

As we say goodbye to summer it's time to take a peek inside our fall closets and see what we can still bear to wear....if the wallet is another kind of bear - as in bare- then we can certainly suggest switching it up with new accessories....and what better for fall-winter than the timeless pearl! This season Wendy dove into a 'warmer' pearl pool, we have sultry gray pearls, subtle champagne, metallic bronze....and a slightly dusky pink. Sometimes these pearl shades are a great alternative to white which can sometimes be difficult to 'modernize', (unless of course you are Rihanna who manages to pull off this completely fabulous pearl look below!). Here's some other fairly amazing pearl looks through the ages, which is your favorite? hard to choose!

This first strand is a hand-knotted necklace featuring wood, champagne and bronze pearls, we just love the juxtaposition of an ethnic type bead with a classic pearl, plus the colors work so well together for the coming might just keep this one forever, check in with Cerena our store manager to find out the details of this style:

If you like your pearls mixed with a touch of semi-precious here's a very pretty, classic earring; champagne pearls with a big ruby drop, gorgeous! This style currently resides in our members us on to become a member or to just make an inquiry.

We will leave you with this ultra-luxe bib necklace from our most recent collection, ain't it grand!
Whiskey quartz, citrines, gray moonstone....gorgeous, please email us with any queries....and we hope the rest of your week is a PEARL!


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