July 8, 2010

80's Revival!

Please email queries about these above styles to: retail@wendyminkjewelry.com.
Hello there! Part of the fun around here at Wendy Mink Headquarters is never quite knowing what you will find next! Imagine our delight when we came across a few amazing boxes of Wendy Mink earrings from the late 80's! Wendy herself was both pleased and a little freaked out by the discovery but we just love how these sweet earrings show Wendy's design direction and early love for the popular cluster style! We have a few of these wonderful pairs for sale this weekend online but you must be a member to view, to become a member please email us at: retail@wendyminkjewelry.com. It really is worth it to be a member as they receive weekly emails with discounts, special styles and more....

If you are a New Yorker you really must drop by to visit the new vintage area in our store, it is gorgeous and brimming with many, many fabulous styles (lots of price-points too so never fear, affordability is here!). Above are some of the goodies on view....we also have great objects for sale alongside the jewelry (tiny pictures, crochet, knick-knacks, ceramics...) so it's a perfect little space to find that elusive vintage gift or just a little something for yourself, for any queries regarding the vintage styles in the above pics please email Cerena on: store@wendyminkjewelry.com.

That's it for now, stay cool out there!