April 28, 2010

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Hi there!

Well, almost time to wave goodbye to April, where does the start of the year go? freezing this week here in NYC so at least we are looking forward to the warmer days of May. This week is busy here at Mink headquarters, the finishing touches are being applied to the brand new collection which will be revealed next week at the NY Circuit show, it's looking mighty fabulous with a ton of gorgeous naturals, rich corals, turquoise and simple clusters, you know, all the good stuff! These 2 pics above are a sneak peek at the new styles from our showroom, a selection of these new styles will be in our own boutique in just a couple of weeks....

If you have checked out our re-vamped website you will notice there is now a Member's Room, members receive a weekly email with some pretty amazing deals, last week it was a whopping 30% off...so yes being a member sure has it's perks! If you are an existing member please feel free to invite a friend using your log in details, we will take 15% off your next order with each invite! This weekend members will be able to view a necklace sample sale, here are two such examples above...to inquire about becoming a member please email Amy at retail@wendyminkjewelry.com.

It probably won't have escaped your notice that Mother's day is coming up, we have lovely gift certificates available for this occasion, take the worry out of choosing what to buy! To purchase a gift certificate just email us on: retail@wendyminkjewelry with amount desired and shipping details, we'll send it right on! To win this gift certificate above (to the tune of $5o) just comment below on what style online you think your mother would love, don't forget to include your email address so we can contact the winner!

Also featured in the members area is a range of vintage jewels, we know sometimes vintage pieces can be a more 'adventurous' choice, it's difficult to know if the piece will work with what you have in your closet and if you are not used to buying vintage it can be daunting! We suggest starting with a simple style, maybe a costume gold layering chain, 50's chain link bracelet or a pretty pin that you can just pop on a favorite cardy or shirt. In our boutique we sell a whole range of vintage and many of the ladies who shop this collection have a good idea of the era they love. Are you a bauble statement lady of the 60's or an understated delicate Victorian type of shopper.....if you are just starting to dip your foot into vintage jewels start simple then build up to a fabulous statement piece that you'll get a ton of comments on! The wonderful thing about vintage is that it's one-of-a-kind, it's a pleasure to wear a necklace that isn't sitting beside you on the subway on another neck, plus it's recycled! All good reasons to start adding vintage to your existing jewelry collection, below are a selection of styles from our member's room, if you are interested in any of the vintage currently online but would like to see the piece 'on' a real person then don't hesitate to email us and we can send you an image, we're real girls here at WMJ and we wear a ton of jewelry, both vintage and of course the current WMJ line!

Erin in Acorn and Amber

Cerena in Seal it with a Leaf

Susan in the Autumn Arrival

Amy in The Snake Charmer

We hope you enjoy these last few days of April, stay in touch and don't forget that subscribers may use the code 'mom' at checkout to receive 20%, only exception is the 22K gold, happy Mother's Day shopping! WMJ.

Cerena in Dinner and a Show


  1. Pretty sure my mom would love the look of the Sequin Carnelian Beads. Fingers crossed that you guys are releasing a similar ones with turquoise after seeing all the pretty blue in the new collection.


  2. My mom would LOVE the pastel cluster earrings with amazonite and rose quartz! They are beautiful! Can't wait to see the new collection! Thanks for an amazing give-away!

  3. My mom would love the Pink and Chocolate Bracelet! It's actually really cute seeing her completely on trend with layering different pieces, so I think she'd would totally appreciate this layered single bracelet. Plus, I'd love it for myself also so it makes the perfect gift :)
    vkhuong [at] gmail [dot] com

  4. My mom would love the Champagne Teardrop necklace. It's one of those versatile necklaces that would look cute with a summer dress, jeans or a work outfit. The Peach Cluster Earrings are great too.


  5. Hi WMJ! My mom is a fan of all things jewel-toned and therefore would love the "blue ocean necklace." She wears blazers all the time for work, and I believe this piece makes enough of a statement without being too overwhelming. I might have to steal it from her as I love the chunky beading!

    Thanks from waterlili88@aol.com

  6. HI WMJ!

    My mom would also love the Champagne Teardrop necklace. She's been a fan since I bought necklaces from you for my bridesmaids last year (so she's next on my list!).

    Thanks for the great give-away!

  7. My Mom has always loved anything turquoise -- I'd love to give her a necklace that could elevate one of her outfits easily since she's usually so pressed for time, especially now with the oil spill in the Gulf (she works for The Nature Conservancy). She'd never buy it for herself and she's been so stressed lately, a gorgeous little pick-me-up from WMJ I think is just the thing to bring a little shiny back into her world :)

  8. My mom would love the empress earring--she is a huge fan of cluster/chandelier look. I actually think I sent her a link to these earrings, and her response was: "pretty!"

  9. My mom loves anything with Amber in it ... so I think the Acorn and Amber piece would be her fave :) Thank you for the opportunity to win this lovely, lovely prize!!! xo