March 10, 2010

As seen in....

Hello everyone! Spring has sprung! Well we hope so, it certainly seems that way here in NYC today, imagine just wearing one cardigan outside....this week we have been rather blessed in the magazine department, here's the first of a few recent features, People Stylewatch features our cute charm chain for $75. This delicate piece has a teeny four leaf clover charm, peach moonstone and pink topaz drops. If this style appeals we can make it with virtually any color drop too so don't hesitate to email our retail department on, thanks People!

We are also thrilled to bits about Best Bets this week, the lovely folks at New York Magazine chose our bauble bracelet for their pages this week, the one-off style above has since sold but we have many more fab vintage jewels in our boutique and the amazing thing is they will very shortly be here online, as we mentioned though you will need to subscribe to view these one of a kind gems so make sure you are on the list....a big thank you to New York Magazine for such a stunning shot of our growing vintage goodies!

Next up we have an interview with Wendy! During Coterie here in NY there is an informative industry mag the Daily which features great news and views of vendors attending the show, this Coterie we were fortunate to be featured along with an interview about Wendy's views on the current collection, economy, company outlook is always wonderful to receive press and even better when we are able to really express our company message of homegrown, affordable quality out there! Buy handmade and surely you can't go wrong!

Lastly we have a gorgeous sequin ribbon and crystal necklace in Brides, the NY issue, super cute necklace that is a little chunky without being overpowering, what's even better is that VERY soon we will have an exclusive Bridal shopping section online where you can mix and match all sorts of bridal party possibilities, oh yes do we have some great web additions coming!

Well we are out of time here, next week we will feature some sample steals for you just so that our web customers don't miss out on the store sample sale! Please email us if any of the styles above appeal,, take care and enjoy this (warm) week, if you are in NY we hope you have marked the 19th-21st on your calendars for the sale!

See you there, WMJ.

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