October 1, 2009

Statement Your SELF!

Hello there!

Well October is here, we would say finally but it feels a little like it was just February, it seems the most challenging financial year has also been the quickest, we suppose that's one small bonus!
The title for this week's post does not make much grammatical sense but we wanted to chat this week about 2 great things; statement jewelry & SELF magazine, the new issue on newstands now has two wonderful WMJ pieces inside, see these above. Lucky Carolyn, a very regular boutique customer snapped up the necklace last time she was in, well done Carolyn, you are ahead of the game, we bet it looked just great with that dress! The piece is a wonderful layered mix of coral resin with one bright cobalt bead for emphasis, this is one bright statement piece & we are more than happy to make you one of your very own! To order or enquire about this fab necklace, email kelly & Brookes at the store on wendyminkstore@gmail.com, it's a perfect piece to wake up those darker Fall outfits...the next piece featured is the handmade hammered gold cuff, gorgeous! another statement piece in a matte gold that looks super luxe, it's somewhere between classic & ethnic, these cuffs are $175 & 22k gold vermeil, to receive 20% off just email retail@wendyminkjewelry.com with your details & we'll take care of it! Thanks to SELF for supporting us & making the jewelry look so fabulous, now we should really pay attention to the rest of the issue as it will inspire better eating habits & rigid exercise regimes....or at least inspire us to think about it.

So, here are some more statement pieces below, don't be afraid to go BIG, all the magazines are featuring statement pieces for the Holiday season (yikes now that is close!), you'll be amazed how many compliments you get on a big piece of jewelry, people on the street....the subway...co-workers....if you do decide to add a statement piece or two to your wardrobe we suggest choosing pieces that go with a few outfits both winter & summer, that means you'll get maximum wear & it won't sit around on your dresser with that piece you were given last Holidays by a distant relative.....here are some great pieces to get you started in very wearable tones & slightly discounted prices for our bloggers, to order any of the pieces below email your details to retail@wendyminkjewelry.com.

This great piece is from Wendy's recent Fall-Winter collection, 3 strands of black onyx, matte black agate & bandit agate, sits on the chest perfectly & you can wear it with everything! Retailing for $340, here for blog readers at 20% off, that's $270 + postage.

Now some great color! Mauve ribbon adds plenty of length to this triple strand peacock pearl, vintage resin & gold vermeil necklace, this piece usually retails for $320, here for you at 20% off, $250 + postage.

Some sultry black & gold...GREAT earrings in black carved cinebar with a cluster of gold ball beads, these are almost 3" so definitely a statement but cinebar is light so won't drag you down, these are retailing for $105, here on the blog for 20% off, just $82. The accompanying necklace is a very modern mix of gunmetal chain with African gold vermeil beads & bandit agate, it's a statement but it's certainly not screaming 'look at me'!.....regularly $245, here for $195.

A matching pair....this is a very interesting agate, slashes of black through grey & featuring twisted chains in gunmetal & gold vermeil, silver pearls make this a fun metallic mix! The bracelet usually retails for $150, here for just $75, now that's 50% off....the necklace features a great sparkly ribbon for adjustable length, usually $230, here for $160, 30% off....there's just one of each so be fast for these.

Here is Susan wearing a necklace which perfectly matches her great grey dress today! It's a double strand of crystal, African gold vermeil & chiffon ribbon, seen here below a little closer up, fabulous one-off sample for just $80, great piece, thanks for modeling Susan!

Lastly below we bring you some statement earrings, three great pairs perfect for an evening out or just a fancy day!
From left we have:
Crystal & Agate Earrings, great shape & very sparkly with vintage swarovski crystal beads & black agate. these were made especially for a magazine so are a one-off sample, retailing $140, here for $90 (measuring 4")! next up are the Gold & Black Onyx Chandeliers, these are super light & measure 3", there's a crystal bead, gold vermeil & black onyx, nice! Usually $70, here just $50. Lastly the Hammered Gold Chain Earrings, 4" of handmade cut-out metal with gold-filled chain & amethyst, moonstone & rhudilated quartz drops. Usually $120, yours for $60.

Well that's it for this week, if you haven't yet make sure you sign up for the great site Gilt.com, members only, ask a friend to invite you...we love this site (as do MANY others) & you may just see some Wendy Mink jewelry there shortly....

Take care & enjoy the coming weekend!

Team Mink.

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